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Menstrual Relief Pad

Menstrual Relief Pad

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Using this lightweight design creates a weightless experience & not a heavy or bulky look or feel.

Noise Reduction

This is designed to give a noise free use to where you can sleep quietly & go anywhere without having to worry about anyone knowing its there.

Digital Temperature Display

Three grades of temperature to relieve different degrees of dysmenorrhea. This allows it to get hot enough without giving any degree burns.

New Strap Design

Easily adjust the elastic length & Quick release design for easy wearing

Three speed adjustable massage

Being close to the waist and abdomen stimulating multiple acupoints & relieveing the
fatigue of a day's work using the Imitation of a human hand massage



Place The Electric Menstrual Heating Pad around the waist, and adjust to comfort. Turn on the device using the power button, continue to press the power button to switch through the heat settings until satisfied with the level of heat received. 

Recommended usage time: 30 minutes



  • The Electric Menstrual Heating Pad should be hand washed, and air dried to avoid any damage. 
  • Every order comes with The Electric Menstrual Heating Pad and a charging cable.
  • Ensure that the power bank utilized is full before use of the device. 
  • According to your desired temperature, The Electric Menstrual Heating Pad can be used close to skin and across clothes. If your heat setting is high we recommend using the device on top of clothes. 




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